Unity project simple setup for Oculus Go

Here I want to explain how to set up the Unity project for Oculus Go in a simple step-by-step list without explanations.

  1. Create a new project with “3D” template;
  2. Open Asset Store, find asset “Oculus Integration“, download & import it to the project;
    1. Update Oculus Utilities Plugin? Click Yes
    2. Restart Unity? Click Restart
    3. Update Spatializer Plugins? Click Upgrade
    4. Restart Unity? Click Restart
  3. In the menu open: File > Build Settings...
  4. Switch to the Android platform.
  5. Then click on Player Settings...
  6. In Player > Android > Other options section change:
    1. Graphics APIs > remove “Vulkan” (Should be left only element OpenGLES3)
    2. Set Package Name to com.corpname.appname
    3. Minimum API Level to Android 5.0 'Lollipop' (API level 21)
  7. In Player > Android > XR Settings section change:
    1. Enable Virtual Reality Supported
    2. In list add Oculus
    3. Enable Low Overhead Mode
    4. Disable V2 Signing (Quest)
  8. In scene remove Main Camera
  9. In Assets by path Oculus/VR/Prefabs find prefab OVRCameraRig and move it to the scene.

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